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About The Firm

Our clients, whether institutions, small businesses or individuals, seek legal assistance in a variety of circumstances. In each situation, we have found that our clients are looking for the most efficient path to resolution of their matters. That is our specialty. Resolving issues efficiently and expeditiously is our goal, and is the only result we accept.

We help you address and meet your legal needs, whether related to your business, real estate, banking, insolvency or healthcare issues. When litigation is necessary, we will strongly advance your causes and protect your rights. We know the issues you face in the banking community, and can guide you to resolve issues with borrowers, depositors, and other lenders. We know and have significant experience in real estate issues, both in terms of documentation and litigation. In insolvency matters, we understand your needs and work to reach your goals. As a client of MB&N, your matters get immediate, thoughtful and appropriate attention from senior partners, associates and paralegals. You always have access to our three named partners, who have a combined 80 years of legal experience. This experience allows us to anticipate roadblocks and effectively meet your business and personal objectives.

Our clients include international and national financial institutions, independent community banks, small business owners, entrepreneurs and investors, real estate developers and owners, retailers, manufacturers, physicians, long term care facilities and the vendors who service them. Regardless of your size, our objective always remains the same: to provide you with incisive, reliable and strategic legal counsel every step of the way.