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Today’s economic times are unparalleled in recent history. As a result, businesses and individuals are seeking to reorganize their debt structures and financial affairs more frequently. This is often done via Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which can be a helpful tool for business reorganization, the sale of a business that will continue to operate, or ensuring maximum business value when preparing for a sale through liquidation. In addition to providing representation to all interests in a Chapter 11 case, we also assist debtors, trustees, secured creditors and unsecured creditors with complex and unique Chapter 7 liquidation problems. As insolvency litigation counsel, we prosecute numerous types of claims, including preference and fraudulent transfers, for Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 Trustees, and defend against these actions for parties who have been sued, both inside and outside the Bankruptcy Court.

In addition to bankruptcies, we assist clients with assignments for the benefit of creditors (“ABCs”) and out-of-court workouts. We represent assignors, assignees, secured lenders and purchasers of assets through these alternative processes to bankruptcy. A proven track record accompanies our representation of creditor committees, individual unsecured creditors, and classes of creditors asserting similar claims, as well as secured lenders seeking to acquire possession of their collateral.

It is often prudent to hire counsel to help you look at the entire financial picture of a given business or individual before determining whether and how best to proceed against a financially troubled party. Likewise, approaching the problem from the perspective of the financially troubled party requires the professional guidance of well-seasoned insolvency counsel. With our many years of practice and experience in these areas of the law, MB&N lawyers are ready to comfortably and immediately step into either role.